Healthy Breakfast Cook-Book for Busy Women

Are you tired of starting your day with sugary snacks and coffee because you have no time to cook? You're not alone!

The Solution: Meal Prep!

Taking an hour each week to prep breakfasts (and lunches!) can make a world of difference. Here are two easy, grab-and-go breakfast options:

Grab-and-Go Breakfast:

1.Protein Pancake Dippers:

Kodiak Cakes high protein pancake (cut into slices)

Hard-boiled egg

Orange (or any fruit)

Powdered peanut butter (mixed with water)

Quick Heat and Eat Breakfast :

2.The Egg Bake:

Make a large egg bake with your favorite ingredients (like Mexican or Italian flavors) on the weekend.

Portion it out for the week and heat it up in the mornings.

Enjoy it on its own or as a breakfast sandwich on a bagel thin, English muffin, or toast.

Bonus Tips:

Overnight oats are another great option! Choose a recipe with protein powder to keep you energized throughout the morning.

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